Mariatta @ PyCon 2019 Recap

Posted on Wed 15 May 2019 in Python • Tagged with Python, conference, PyCon, pep581

I was at PyCon from April 29 - May 7. It's my fifth PyCon US. It's been a memorable and, I kept busy.

I had a number of pre-planned activities for PyCon, like running the language summit, giving talks, tutorial, etc. Thought I'll share a quick summary of how they all …

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Mariatta @ PyCon 2019

Posted on Tue 30 April 2019 in Python • Tagged with Python, conference, PyCon, sprint, pep581

I arrived in Cleveland last night for PyCon 2019! It'll be quite busy and jam-packed event for me!! Looking forward to meet old friends and make new ones!

The following are my pre-planned PyCon activities. But I'm sure in actuality I'll be even more busier for the unplanned ones! 😅

  • Wednesday …

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Weekly Update, April 30, 2019

Posted on Tue 30 April 2019 in weekly-updates • Tagged with pep581


Short week, 3 days of work, but quite productive.

  • Published my Zapier engineering blog post: Zapier at PyCon 2019.
  • Made a couple PRs. One of it was about customizing Django Admin. The other is for a new Zapier API endpoint.

Python and the community

  • Gave a preview of my …

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Python Core Sprint 2018: Part Two

Posted on Fri 21 September 2018 in Python • Tagged with Python, sprint, cla, pep581

Read up on Part one first.

Here are additional discussions and projects that I got involved with during the sprint.

PEP 581

PEP 581 is a PEP I wrote about using GitHub issues instead of Roundup as CPython's issue tracker.

During the sprint, I discussed this topic mainly with Ezio …

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