Weekly Update, April 13, 2019

Posted on Sat 13 April 2019 in weekly-updates


  • Wrapped up a task, tested, deployed. Lots of discussions with other team members.
  • Some code cleanup. In one PR I removed 3000+ lines of code. It was quite satisfying! 😤
  • Writing automation script.
  • Sent out my monthly invoice to Zapier 🤑

Python and the community

  • Last Friday I received a number of error alerts for bedevere-bot. Initially I ignored these alerts because I was supposed to be on hiatus from open source. However after two days, errors were still continuing to happen, blocking the workflow. PRs couldn't be merged. So I spent some time figuring it out, read the logs, and finally deployed the fix on Sunday.
  • Worked with Łukasz to finalize the lineup for Python Language Summit. Sent out notification emails. Product placement: I used Zapier to send out emails to 50 people (Google Sheets -> GMail integration)
  • Worked with Nina, Tania, and Nikoleta for the mentored sprint for diverse beginners. Created an online resource in readthedocs.


  • I've been reading Black Jack manga. And Master Keaton.
  • My husband has started packing 😅 He packed 3 boxes. 📦 Perhaps 50 more to go...