Weekly Update, April 30, 2019

Posted on Tue 30 April 2019 in weekly-updates


Short week, 3 days of work, but quite productive.

  • Published my Zapier engineering blog post: Zapier at PyCon 2019.
  • Made a couple PRs. One of it was about customizing Django Admin. The other is for a new Zapier API endpoint.

Python and the community

  • Gave a preview of my PyCon tutorial at PyLadies Vancouver.
  • Some more administrative work for the mentored sprint and Python Language Summit.
  • Responded to comment about PEP 581.


  • Spent a couple days packing all of my earthly belongings into boxes.
  • On Saturday we moved to our new home!!!! It's not 1 Infinite Loop, but it is number 1!! 🥇