Weekly Update, April 5, 2019

Posted on Fri 05 April 2019 in weekly-updates


  • Some bug fixing. Learning new things about our codebase. Discussions with other teams. Code reviewing.
  • Completed a sprint. Did a couple quick demos.

Python and the community

  • Still out-of-open-source 😃
  • Correspondence about giving keynote at conferences. Really grateful for these opportunities! Do people want to hear me talk about PEP 581/588?
  • Signed the paperwork to dissolve the PyCascades non-profit society, transferring assets to The PSF. The end of an era 😢 but a new one begins
  • Gossiped about ... things ... 🤫
  • Starting to plan my time at PyCon. It's gonna be a full busy week 😔 Why do I do this to myself?


  • More paperwork for our new house! Found a lawyer. Got insurance coverage. Signed up for utilities. etc. 😵
  • My kids are finally registered to their new school. Such relief!
  • Looked into transferring my oldest son to another dojo closer to our new home.
  • Enjoying all the cherry blossoms in our neighbourhood 🌸 The magnolias are starting to bloom as well. It's spring!