Weekly Update, Feb 21, 2019

Posted on Thu 21 February 2019 in weekly-updates

I'll be super busy tomorrow (traveling down to Seattle for PyCascades), so here's an earlier weekly update.

Short work week because of a stat holiday. I've been preoccupied with work, PyCascades, and dealing with tons of paperwork.


  • Getting ready to launch a project that my team has been working on for more than half a year. Team has been busy working, testing, verifying and fixing any issues that comes. Looking forward for the big reveal!


  • Entering the final week before the conference!! The team is still looking after many little details! I see them actively Slack-ing all the time! 加油 Almost there!
  • Discussion with CoC committee.
  • Setting up CoC hotline. I will do some testing tomorrow, making sure people getting dialed properly. I also still need to look at Thea's PR to the enhanced CoC hotline. It will support inbound SMS! 📱 I really want to see this feature land!
  • A very kind PyCascades member made a generous donation to ReadTheDocs. Thank you! I merged the PR for switching the welcome wagon's alabaster theme to another theme. I think the new theme is looking great!
  • Helped with announcing the pre-conference social, setting up the ticket page and added the menus) to the welcome wagon. As per tradition, we'll be having tacos! 🌮 Also thanks to the rest of the welcome wagon team, Nick, Andrew, etc for contributing lots of quality content!
  • Some administrative things, answered emails, Slack-ing, etc.
  • Yes, I will bring f-string related stickers!
  • Lots and lots of things are happening last minute 😳 A friend joked that perhaps we should have Netflix film us for 7 Days Out. I didn't know about this show before, but perhaps we'll do it for next year! 😛 Any fund raised can go towards more financial aid.


  • Did some administrative things. Nothing too exciting. Answered emails, responded to random issues etc.
  • Released cherry_picker v 1.3.0. Thanks Sviatoslav for the PR and Andrew for the review. Sviatoslav has been working for this PR for quite some time. This will make it easier for other projects to adopt cherry-picker (and maybe their own version of miss-islington).


  • Yes! Language Summit will happen! No, we don't have sign up forms yet! I'm sorry! I'll have more time to devote to this once PyCascades is over.
  • You can now sign up for the Hands-on Intro to aiohttp tutorial! Come for the async, stay for the io! Or should it be the other way around? Come for the io, stay for the async? 🤔 Anyway, we'll work with asyncio in this tutorial.
  • I didn't get to do much work on the mentored sprint either. From the signups so far, seems like people are wanting to contribute to machine learning and data science-related project. We have a couple open source project maintainers signing up to mentor!


  • My husband and I have been thinking of upsizing our home. Kids are growing up. They still share a room now. My husband also works from home, so we've been wishing for extra space for both our home offices. We went to view several houses last week. One home was just amazing and perfect in every way, and the price was right. We fell in love right away, and so we made an offer. Been busy trying to gather lots of paperwork and hoping the bank will lend us the money for it. 🤞 It's exciting and at the same time scary.
  • Some back and forth email communication with a local meetup organizer lead me to write a twitter thread about about women's representation in open source.