Weekly Update, June 18, 2019

Posted on Tue 18 June 2019 in weekly-updates


  • More work using Django REST Framework to build APIs.
  • Did my Birkman personality assessment. I've been thinking about the result a lot. 🤔
  • Discussion with my manager about how to advance in my role at Zapier.

Python and the community

  • Answered several emails
  • Started working on my next keynote
  • Declined two keynote invitations because of time conflict 😥
  • Booked my trip to Germany for PyCon DE!
  • Perhaps quite a milestone: GvR and I officially ended our 1:1 mentorship sessions, almost exactly 3 years since I first reached out to him . It is a strange thing to admit, but I finally feel like I'm really ready. I feel well-equipped and well-supported by other members in the community. I'm quite happy to be able to give his time back.
  • Submmitted a CFP about GitHub bots! 🤞😣
  • Practise for my webinar with PyCharm next week


  • Accepted an offer to our old home! By mid-July it will be someone else's responsibility.

  • Went out for dim sum with Raphael and Caroline.

  • Started watching "Lucifer" on Netflix.

  • At my kids' school carnival raffle, I won a month worth of Kickboxing sessions! 😬

  • Our kids had piano recital on Father's Day. They did great, and I'm really proud of their progress!

  • Went to White Pine Beach, took a stroll in Sasamat Lake trail.

  • Went for a hike in Buntzen Lake Eagle Ridge Trail.