Weekly Update, June 24, 2019

Posted on Mon 24 June 2019 in weekly-updates


  • Did some code reviews.
  • Experimented with profanity detection for incoming comments.
  • Some work using Iterable API
  • Some work using Django Rest Framework
  • Looked into GitLab CI

Python and the community

  • Answered several emails for PyLadies.

  • I volunteered myself to be an admin of PyLadies 😳 You can now reach me at mariatta at pyladies dot com 📧 (Thanks Lynn and Ernest for the help in getting this set up). With my new PyLadies admin power, I can help create new PyLadies chapters. A new chapter created this week was Montevideo PyLadies in Uruguay. Of course, when I said I'll do things, I really mean I'm creating bots to do all of these. PyLadies have lots of bots now! 😄

  • Reviewed and merged various small PRs in CPython.

  • I received my first GitHub sponsors payout! 🤑 Thanks to GitHub for matching the fund! The payout is once a month, and only if we have at least 100$ balance to be paid out. And yes, I will be reporting this in my income tax.

  • Practised for my webinar with PyCharm. It's happening tomorrow! There will be Q&A! 😄


  • Visited Brett, Andrea & Gidget's home.

  • Did a 4-hour hike at Buntzen Lake. We reached Polytrichum Lookout. My body was aching for several days 😩

  • I went to Ikea with $100 budget. Came out with $300 bill. 😥