Weekly Update, June 3, 2019

Posted on Mon 03 June 2019 in weekly-updates

It's been a little more than two weeks since my last weekly update 😬 Lots of things happened, and I've kept busy 😥

I spent a week in Berlin for GitHub Satellite. I might write a post just about that later on.


  • Worked remotely from Germany for a week.
  • Finished several new stories and deployed to production. Created a new API endpoint, built with Django Rest Framework.

Python and the community

  • Chatted with Devon Zuegel and GitHub about GitHub Sponsors program. Spent time creating my sponsorship tiers. I'm one of the first few maintainers with access to this program. You can sponsor me on GitHub for 5$/month.

  • Listed all my current sponsors on my personal website.

  • I appeared in GitHub Maintainer Spotlight.

  • Blog post about PEP 581 at Python Language Summit is now up.

  • While in Berlin, I got to meet other Germany-based Python core developers: Christian Heimes, Stefan Behnel, and Matthias Klose. I also got to hang out with Raphael Pierzina, Jannis Leidel, other Python package maintainers, and with the scientists behind the historic black hole image! 🤩

  • Chatted with Anwesha Das about PyLadies, and about CLA. Anwesha has a very interesting idea related to CLA. I won't say much about this for now until she has more time to research the topic and present it to the community.

  • Started working on aiohttp-bot for autobackporting aiohttp pull requests. Chatted more with Andrew to find out his requirements for this bot. I'll probably have this bot ready by end of the week.

  • Made several small-ish pull requests to aio-libs: aio-redis PR #600, .github PR #3, aiohttp-session PR #371, aiohttp-session PR #370.

  • Some fixes to miss-islington: PR #237, PR #234.

  • Released cherry_picker v1.3.2.

  • Added dependabot to my personal projects, and to several projects under Python org. Requested the automerge to be enabled for Python.

  • Started moving cherry-picker out of core-workflow repo.

  • Chatted with Matthias Bussonnier about security issue with "🤖 automerge". I need to think more on how to solve this issue. 😟

  • Finally got around sending out feedback forms for mentored sprint for diverse beginners.

  • Chatted with Ernest about several infrastructure-related issues:

  • It is my turn to look after info@pyladies.com mailbox. Answered several emails, and forwarded emails to local chapters.

  • I joined The PSF Board member's slack to get an idea what's involved as a board member for The PSF. After thinking more about it, I decided not to run for it this time. I wanted to focus on my other projects and priorities for now.

  • Made a last-minute PyLadies Vancouver meetup planning. I learned that Raphael will be in town, and I think it would be a great opportunity for PyLadies Vancouver community to meet and learn about pytest and cookiecutter from one of the maintainers. I'm happy that Raphael has kindly agreed to give a talk, but from organizers point of view, it would be better if we can find more speakers from our own community. It seemed impossible at first, but in short period of time, we're able to find 3 additional speakers 🎉 It'll be a great Talk Night this coming Wednesday!


  • I tried currywurst in Berlin. The first one was from a food court nearby my hotel, and it was ... very interesting. Then Matthias took us to another currywurst place, Curry 36, and it was pretty good!

  • Went sightseeing in Hamburg.

  • Right after I returned from Germany, it was my husband's turn for work travel. So last week I was a busy single mom. It was one reason I didn't find time to write up my update (and jet-lagged 😵)

  • Returned several times to our old home for more repairs and cleaning. Painters came, and the place is looking nice and fresh. I highly recommend hiring Liz from Interior Paint Oasis for your next paint job in Greater Vancouver area.

  • Talked to our realtor and preparing the house to be listed. Photographers will come tomorrow for pictures, and the listing should be up soon after.

  • It was my oldest son's birthday in the weekend. When we asked what he wants. he said "steak!" 😅 So we got some steak from our favorite butcher, Kea's Meats and Deli in Burnaby, and fired our BBQ. 🥩