Weekly Update, June 9, 2019

Posted on Sun 09 June 2019 in weekly-updates


  • More work using Django REST Framework to build APIs.
  • Helped review several Zapier blog posts related to GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab.
  • Chatting about blog post idea for Zapier with our editorial team.

Python and the community

  • Attended the first PyLadies Global monthly meeting with Lorena, Rachell and Katia.
  • Another week of tending to info@pyladies.com mailbox.
  • PyLadies Vancouver meetup happened! I think it was well attended, and all the talks were great. A couple people expressed interest in giving talks next time. There was also interest in doing a meetup to brainstorm talk ideas.
  • Two new GitHub sponsors this week, both in the 🍩 tier. ❤️ Thank you! That brings it to 19 sponsors! 😲
  • Finalized arrangements for doing a webinar with PyCharm. There will be time for Q & A!
  • Python 3.8.0b1 was released earlier this week. It means Python 3.8 is no longer accepting new features, and available for bug fix only. It means, the CPython master is now open for development of Python 3.9, and a new maintenance branch 3.8 was created. Seems straightforward so far. One of a boring routine task related to this is that we now need the needs backport to 3.8 label on GitHub. It might not be obvious, but any Python core developers and Python release managers can easily create the label. However, Łukasz had taken the trouble to create an issue requesting that the label be created. Creating a label is boring, and really shouldn't require two core devs to be involved. Writing a bot that does this is more fun. So I wrote the bot.
  • I'm a PSF Supporting Member, so I got to cast my vote in The PSF's Board of Directors election.
  • I proposed that we enable the Sponsors feature for CPython. Seems like this will be discussed by The Steering Council.
  • I enabled sponsorship for PyLadies on GitHub.


  • Our old home is finally listed for sale.

  • It was Dragon Boat Festival on Friday. One of the traditions related to this festival, other than actual dragon boat racing, is making and eating rice dumplings. Last time we did this was two years ago. It is a time-consuming activity, but I kinda enjoy it. I spent Friday evening and a few more hours on Saturday. We made 70 dumplings! These absolutely taste better than storebought ones.

  • Watched "I Am Mother" on Netflix.