Weekly Update, March 10, 2019

Posted on Sun 10 March 2019 in weekly-updates

Exhaustion! 😵


  • Started working with a new manager.
  • Learned that one team member will be moving over to another team.
  • A pairing session.
  • Completed a sprint.
  • Got my annual raise.
  • Support shift.

Python and the community

  • Answered various emails regarding Python Language Summit and the mentored sprint.
  • Set up a (Zapier-powered) bot that automatically posts to Twitter whenever someone signed up for the mentored sprint.
  • Wrote about PEP 581 to python-dev. So far, people seem supportive. This will be discussed at the language summit at PyCon US.
  • Proposed that we create the "Bug Triage" team on GitHub.
  • Notified Python contributors that I plan to turn on CLA assistant as our CLA enforcement. I'd like to see this done before I go on OOOS, and especially before the mentored sprint at PyCon US.
  • Started reading all the anonymous feedback about PyCascades.
  • The Time Timer I ordered from Amazon arrived. I plan on using this to timebox discussions at the upcoming Python language summit, so we don't go overtime. Because I really want to attend the PyCon staff dinner happening right afterwards.
  • Interviewed about "things I'm up to in open source". Well, I'm in such weird and unique place right now; all I want to talk about is PEP 581. I hope the journalist finds PEP 581 exciting. 🙂
  • Details about OSI election hit slashdot. It was emotionally draining, and I started questioning the choices I made.


  • Gossiped with internet friends.
  • Called several movers to get quotes. We might just end up renting a big truck and move by ourselves.
  • Tax season has started! 😱 Collected all of my receipts and gave them to my accountant.
  • Detox from Twitter 📵
  • There's still a big hole 🕳 on the ceiling of my living room.
  • We got more snow and hail! ❄ Twice this week I had to scrape off ice from car that was parked outside. Sending kids to school was taking longer than usual.
  • Feeling unwell (mentally). I've had several meltdowns earlier in the week. I think the stress from various things in my life are finally catching up, and as it turns out I'm still unable to manage my life accordingly.
  • Took the kids to the bank and opened their own bank account. I showed them how to use the ATM. So now they have some place to stash their hong bao. 🧧 "First step towards self independence!", as my husband said.
  • Talked to our kids that they're vaccinated for measles, explained how shots/vaccination works, and told them they don't need to worry about getting sick.