Weekly Update, March 29, 2019

Posted on Fri 29 March 2019 in weekly-updates

I missed writing last week's update because I've been on vacation.


  • Last week I shipped a thing.
  • Looking into bug fixing this week and next week. Writing script to automate stuff.

Python and the community

I started OOOS last week, so there shouldn't be anything interesting in this section for the next month.

  • Started going through language summit sign ups and reviewing the topic proposals.
  • Correspondence with Python Steering Council about PEP 581. They said it should be split up into two PEPs.
  • Reserved PEP 588 because I think 88 is a lucky number 😇
  • Open Source Initiative run-off election closed early this week. I came real close but in the end I was not chosen.
  • Received three invitations to give keynote at conferences. I declined two of them because time and space wouldn't permit. Still considering the last one.
  • Published the next PyLadies Vancouver event, where I get to give practise run of my intro to aiohttp PyCon tutorial, which is now full btw.


  • Spent a week in Cancún. I got sunburnt, but totally worth it. I ate lots of tacos and consumed lots of tequila. Feeling recharged now. 💪
  • We baked gingerbread cookies. Kids found my one-of-a-kind emoji cookiecutter, so we put it to good use 😅
  • Started scheming the move to our new home, getting home insurance quotes, looking into kids' piano and karate lessons closer to the new home.