Weekly Update, March 3, 2019

Posted on Sun 03 March 2019 in weekly-updates

Back from PyCascades, and trying to settle back to "normal". I'm not even sure what is "normal" anymore..


TL;DR: BUSY!! 😵 Thank you to all who came!! I'm especially happy not only because I get to meet old friends, but also friends on Twitter and finally we met in person 😝 I'm sorry we didn't have much time to connect 😢

  • Merged Thea's PR to the enhanced CoC hotline. SMS is now supported, and we tested the CoC Hotline and Texting!
  • Helped with the pre-registration event, signed people up, and ate some tacos.
  • I was a member of the Code of Conduct committee. We had several incidents. The committee will be publishing a transparency report in the coming weeks. Shout out to other CoC committee members: Thea, Amanda, Maelle, Russell, and Eloisa. I've learned so much from them.
  • Gave a lightning talk about the Mentored Sprint at PyCon US.
  • I looked after PyCascades twitter account and hashtags. I missed out attending most talks, but thanks to all the live tweets, I felt like I was up to date!! It sounds like you all had great time at PyCascades, and I love reading about them! We were trending in Seattle!! Achievement unlocked!
  • I gave the closing remarks and appreciation.
  • Impromptu photo shoot with Veronica Hanus. I love all the photos she took!! 😍
  • Formed the Tequila Think Tank.
  • I had way too much tequila than I'm willing to admit.
  • I've prepared my own PyCascades post-mortem notes. The team will meet next week for the post-mortem.
  • Sent out post conference survey. (Sorry for one little typo)
  • Repurposed the PyCascades Code of Conduct hotline into the PyCascades virtual head office hotline. Thanks Seb for this idea! Basically we all need a phone number for PyCascades but none of us wants to share our personal phone number. Thanks to Nexmo for providing us with credit!
  • Sprinted and helped several people with their PRs.


  • Small bug fixes and readying for our product launch!
  • Shout out to Doug Mahugh, who responded to my desperate plea of help on twitter! 🙇🏻‍♀️ Doug is a two-time PyCascades attendee. He shared me a photo of his laptop. It was shiny with F-string and PyCascades stickers!! 💜😭
  • Booked my flights to Zapier's summer retreat. Sadly, the retreat is happening on the same week of Python Core Sprint in London. I've thought about splitting time of half week with Core Python team, and half week with Zapier, but in the end I've decided to prioritize my work. I'm sad to miss the sprint this year, but I'll be spending the week in the hometown of Prince: Minneapolis!
  • Attended a D&I roundtable discussion. I'm really glad that we have this going at Zapier.


  • Worked with Łukasz and finalized the language summit sign up forms. We announced to mailing lists, Discourse, Zulip, twitter, etc. Updated the PyCon's website about the language summit. Reached out to people who had inquired about it.
  • Wrote to PSF Community mailing list about the mentored sprint.

Python and the community

  • I realized it was getting close to spring break, and therefore to my planned OOOS. So I wrote to Python committers about my upcoming OOOS.
  • I'm a candidate for OSI board of directors.
  • Opened an issue at python-organizers/conferences. This was briefly discussed with David and Anthony from ReadTheDocs during PyCascades sprint.
  • Responded to several emails.
  • I'm honored to have been awarded The PSF Community Service Award 2018 Q3. The blog post came out right before PyCascades about to begin, and it was all too overwhelming. Only now I'm able to digest this all. Thank you, Python community for this honor. I can do what I do only because you've been there for me.


  • I now own mariatta.dev. Nothing to see there for now.
  • Last week we made an offer to a new home, and it was accepted. So we've been super busy with paperwork, working with our realtor, bank, and accountant. 😵 I can't believe this! I'll be moving to a new place in a couple months. It has my DREAM KITCHEN!!!! If I ever need to quit tech, I'm going to start my own Youtube cooking channel right from that kitchen.
  • A home restoration team came and made a big hole on the ceiling of my living room. 🕳 They will come back next week to complete the work.
  • Continued practising guitar. We tried a new song: the Beatles' Let it Be.
  • Took a nap on Saturday. And Sunday.