Weekly Update, May 17, 2019

Posted on Fri 17 May 2019 in weekly-updates

Been a while since my last weekly update 😅 I spent a week in Cleveland for PyCon US, and I've written a post just for that.

This weekly update covers the week after I returned from PyCon and this week's activities.


  • Last week I was playing catch up after missing work for a whole week. I also started re-working a PR I made. I was working on creating a v3 API endpoint, but we needed it as v4.
  • This week we had our first "remote" engineering retreat. Historically our engineering retreats have been happening as in person retreat, e.g. last year the engineering group met up in Phoenix, AZ. This year we're experimenting with a "remote" retreat. We still receive the goodness of a retreat such as food budget and significant other's gift.

Python and the community

  • Trying to wrap up the mentored sprint for diverse beginners. I'm supposed to send out thank you emails and feedback forms. I've started email draft, and my teammates have started reviewing, but I haven't had time to address them yet. I will try finish this up this weekend!
  • Trying to wrap up Python Language Summit with Łukasz. We sent out thank you emails along with link to the feedback form. Some feedback started coming in. Lots of great ideas and definitely lots of room for improvement for both of us.
  • Started chatting with Nathaniel about bots and automation for Trio project. He has lots of interesting ideas! I'm excited to help him build the bots! I plan to allocate some of my free time next month (June) to work on this.
  • I was alerted about miss-islington being broken. 😟 I think this is a problem with Redis and celery, but I haven't fully figure out how to fix this yet. So the error is still occurring sporadically.
  • Started chatting with Andrew about aiohttp-bot. I'm now a member of aio-libs team! 😄
  • Started chatting with Elaine on how to best manage, triage, and handle info @ pyladies dot com email address. We've set up GMail filters. We're splitting work, taking turns tending the mailbox every 2 weeks. I've set up some Slack bots and automation.
  • PEP 581 has been accepted by steering council! It means we are going to move to GitHub issues. Now we need to work on PEP 588 to outline the technical details of the migration.
  • Interview with a journalist about Python.
  • Started chatting with Paul Everitt about doing a webinar for PyCharm. Stay tuned!
  • Talked to different people about CoC issues happening in the different communities I'm in.
  • Started chatting with Eric about PyCascades. We met with Sage Sharp to get professional advice about CoC handling in our community.


  • Lots of chores at home! 😛 We still have lots of unpacking to do. Most of our belongings are still distributed among many boxes.

  • Made lots of return trip to our old home. We had different contractors coming in to do repairs. Hoping to get it all done end of the month, so we can put it up for sale.

  • Went on a hike around Buntzen Lake with my family. 🏞

  • Made lots of dumplings 🥟. I think we're now stocked up for a couple months.

  • Doing last minute planning and preparation for my travel next week 😵

  • I watched Street Food on Netflix, the Yogyakarta episode. This episode brought tears to my eyes. I choked up each time I heard (and see) the old lady, Mbah Satinem, speaking and telling her life story. I didn't quite understand why initially, but I think I do now. For the first time in a long time, I was able to feel immediate connection with someone on TV. The way she speaks, it was just so familiar, like someone I've known forever. It was real Indonesian spirit, not an act, no drama. I think I finally understand what it means to feel "represented". I know that all of this sounds weird to most people.... 🤷🏻‍♀️